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Peruvian belts, known as chumpis, come in a variety of patterns, widths, and lengths.

Aug 07

5 Ideas with Steps for Displaying Narrow, Long Textiles

Displaying textiles, especially narrow, long ones such as bands and braids, can be a challenge. Dangling them over a rod is an easy solution, but not very attractive. Plus, there are visual and conservation considerations: A proper mount needs to account for any inherent weakness in the textile, be aesthetically compatible with the work, and […]

The Folk Art Market banners rise above the crowds.

Jul 24

The Splendors of the Santa Fe Folk Art Market

Last week we returned from the yearly “pilgrimage” to the Santa Fe Folk Art Market. This year’s market felt especially fresh, mostly attributable to a third of the artisans being first-timers which meant new textile treats and new friends. Imagine these new artisans being in the U.S. for the first time and having 22,000 people […]

Nilda Callañaupa from CTTC raises cochineal-dyed yarn after a successful dye day in Acopia, Peru.

Jul 03

Celebrate Natural Dyes Red, White, and Blue

Celebrate the Fourth with natural dyes explosion of color–crimson red from cochineal, white (how natural, no dye needed), and blue from indigo. Early Americans used natural dyes to create the flag’s signature red stripes and blue canton. Red The small female insect cochineal (Dactylopius coccus), about the size of a grain of rice, yields a […]

The men from Sallac knitting traditional hats. Note that they are also wearing knitted vests.

Jun 12

Men at Work: Knitting and Weaving in Peru

It’s impressive watching the skillful hands of the Peruvian Highland men as they knit away on colorful hats, working the bicycle-spoke-sized knitting needles, tossing colored yarns to and fro, and nary a written pattern in sight. Or weaving the finely patterned cloth stretched out on a backstrap loom, their fingers quickly picking patterns, and beating […]

Dayabhai finger weaves the arrow-like pattern. Notice the colorful star motifs.

Jan 30

Hand Weaving, A Common Language Between Cultures

Seeing cloth hand woven on a foot-pedal floor loom versus on a traditional backstrap loom was a novelty. Crowds formed around the weaver, an Indian man, layered in traditional garb of light-colored cotton with a checked shawl wrapped around his neck for warmth at 12,000 ft in Cusco, Peru. I could hear excited voices, fingers […]

Children learn to handspin by watching their Elders.

Jan 08

Spinning Andean Stories of Handspun Yarn

Picture this. It’s my idyllic self—sitting in a comfy chair, fire roaring, basket of fleece with handspindle on the floor next to me. Now it’s snowing and the wind is howling outside. But never mind that. I’m sitting contentedly, knitting away with my handspun Peruvian alpaca yarn on a hat that I could use right […]

The men from Huacatinco, Peru, adorn their knitted hats and collars with beaded designs.

Dec 05

Tinkuy de Tejedores, A Gathering of Weavers, Part III

Today is the last post focused on the Tinkuy de Tejedores (The Gathering of Weavers), which took place just three weeks ago in Cusco, Peru. The event had so much richness—the garb worn by all the visiting weavers (except for us Americans who mostly wore drab clothing but accessorized with colorful scarves), two weaving demonstrations […]

Acopia elder Natividad Labra during Tinkuy.

Nov 28

Tinkuy de Tejedores: Part II

Come behind-the-scenes at the Tinkuy de Tejedores, (The Gathering of Weavers), which took place Nov. 12-15, 2013 in Cusco, Peru. Today’s special highlights the highland community of Accha Alta, which is north of Cusco by a few hours, and the celebration of the CTTC community elders. Accha Alta Weavers The weavers of Accha Alta are distinctive […]

The Convention Center's courtyard filled with weavers.

Nov 21

Tinkuy de Tejedores: A Gathering of Weavers Part I

Tinkuy de Tejedores (a Gathering of Weavers) took place last week in Cusco, Peru. The three-and-a-half days were jam packed with so much richness—from music and dancing, to learning and fellowship. It seems like the best way to share this event with you is through images. Since it’s pretty difficult to choose between the hundreds […]


Nov 04

On The Cloth Road in Peru: The Sallac Community

  To reach the village of Sallac, we drove on an inconspicuous dirt road outside the town of Urcos–the road climbing ever higher into the mountains. With a population of about 550 people, this simple town, in the province of Quispicanchi south of Cusco and above the Ausangate valley,  is surrounded by the beauty of […]

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