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Dec 12

A Handwoven Jewel: Silk Scarf with Scarf Tying Demo

Silk scarf worn against wine-colored sweater

Silk scarf worn against wine-colored sweater

Perhaps it’s the cold winter which settled in this past week inspiring me to dig into the scarf drawer and pull out this little jewel of a handwoven silk scarf. Perhaps it’s the view of my dark-colored wardrobe that needs some perking up with a bright accent. Or maybe, it’s the fact that my hair has turned almost grey, and if I don’t have color near my face, I just blend into the grey world around me. My guess is, it’s all these reasons plus one more–this scarf looks like a shiny ornament. Just in time for the holidays.

Colorful Stripes Reign
This seductive silk scarf is narrow, about 6 1/2” wide, and the average length of 62”. The stripe pattern consists of twenty-four 1/8” wide colors which repeat in sequence, each color bordered by a very deep purple stripe.

This is another version with a wider stripe against black background.

This is another version with a wider stripe against black background.

Now there are unique combinations other than this one. One might have a 6” band of color with a solid-colored body; others have wider stripes throughout. Each one is a jewel in itself. Because of the various colored stripes, you can wear it with a wide range of sweaters or blouses as background.

Carol Cassidy of Lao Textiles
This small line of silk scarves is designed by textile designer and handweaver Carol Cassidy of Laos Textiles. Arriving in Laos in 1989, Carol established a workshop, studio, and gallery where she now employs about fifty staff for the spinning, dyeing, weaving and finishing of the all her products. These were woven in Cambodia after she met women there who were land mine survivors, disabled, or had lost their husbands due to the land mines. They all needed a livelihood. This project contributes to sustainable income for the artisans and has helped their community in building homes, adding clean water, and providing schooling for their children.

Scarf-tying Bonus
I’ve latched on to this method of scarf tying because, once tied, the scarf lays flat. So many other ways of tying make for too much bulk near the neck. This one has a degree of elegance—a winning combination with the silk. It’s a bit tricky to get the hang of but follow these four steps and practice a few times. I find that once I get the first step down and remember the wrap around the neck, the rest comes easily.

So in the spirit of sustainability for these artisans, these gems can be yours to brighten your holidays or that of someone you love. And if you’re not sure which one to get, ClothRoads now offers gift certificates too.


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