Textiles of Asia: Patterns and Processes

Cornell University: Kroch Library Asia Collections Ithaca, NY, United States

Explore the rich history of textiles in Asia--from the animal-skin clothing of the Ainu to the intricate weaving of silk, Asian cultures have showcased their artistry through their textiles for centuries. Textiles of Asia: Patterns and Processes covers a multitude of fabrics, designs, and production techniques created by indigenous cultures and those imported through trade and travel. […]

Tatreez Inheritance: Preserving Palestinian Cultural Heritage in 75 Years of Exile

Museum of the Palestinian People DC, United States

In Wafa Ghnaim’s curatorial debut, TatreezInheritance examines the presence of Palestinian embroidery in the United States through a diasporic lens, asserting and affirming the power of material culture and art history in preserving a nation’s identity. Over the past 75 years, the dispossession, displacement and dispersion of the Palestinian people across the globe has circulated precious textiles […]

Conversations in Cloth

Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts Cedarburg, WI, United States

Conversations in Cloth / Kapad ni Vatchit / કાપડ ની વાતચીત explores the textile traditions of Kutch, a region in the western state of Gujarat, India. Invitations to participate in this exhibition were extended to eleven artists by guest curator, Judy Frater, who developed the first design school for traditional artisans in Kutch. The Kutch […]

Cumbi: Textiles, Society and Memory in Andean South America

Tucson Museum of Art Tucson, AZ, United States

In Inka culture, the Quechua word “Cumbi” described exquisite textiles that were among the finest works ever produced in ancient South America. Virtuosic in their creation, these elaborate, tapestry-woven textiles were highly restricted in society: Inka-period weavers made cumbi exclusively to be worn by an emperor. For that reason, cumbi evokes two ideas at once: […]

The London Antique Rug & Textile Art Fair (LARTA)

January 23 – 28, 2024. London, England. The London Antique Rug and Textile Art Fair is back at Battersea Park. Many of the best dealers from around the UK and Europe are exhibiting a rich blend of carpets, rugs, and textiles from the Far East, Central Asia, Persia, India, Turkey, the Caucasus as well as […]