Textiles of Asia: Patterns and Processes

Cornell University: Kroch Library Asia Collections Ithaca, NY, United States

Explore the rich history of textiles in Asia--from the animal-skin clothing of the Ainu to the intricate weaving of silk, Asian cultures have showcased their artistry through their textiles for centuries. Textiles of Asia: Patterns and Processes covers a multitude of fabrics, designs, and production techniques created by indigenous cultures and those imported through trade and travel. […]

Shaped by the Loom: Weaving Worlds in the American Southwest

Bard Graduate Center New York City, NY, United States

Explore the world of Navajo weaving in this exhibition where the voices of Indigenous artists and makers express the cultural legacy and continued vibrancy of weaving traditions in the American Southwest. This exhibition, along with online presentations, presents never-before-seen textiles created by Diné makers. These historic blankets, garments, and rugs from the American Museum of […]

Tatreez Inheritance: Preserving Palestinian Cultural Heritage in 75 Years of Exile

Museum of the Palestinian People DC, United States

In Wafa Ghnaim’s curatorial debut, TatreezInheritance examines the presence of Palestinian embroidery in the United States through a diasporic lens, asserting and affirming the power of material culture and art history in preserving a nation’s identity. Over the past 75 years, the dispossession, displacement and dispersion of the Palestinian people across the globe has circulated precious textiles […]

Katazome Today: Migrations of a Japanese Art

Whatcom Museum Bellingham, WA, United States

Katazome Today presents contemporary visions of a unique and historically significant Japanese textile-dyeing process. Traditionally used for kimono dyeing, katazome involves the application of a rice-paste resist using special stencil papers with complex designs. Both the techniques of katazome, and those of the intricately handcarved stencil papers (katagami), have been passed down through generations of […]

Social Fabric: Textiles and Contemporary Issues

Newport Art Museum Newport, RI, United States

From the cradle to the grave, human beings are wrapped in, and surrounded by textiles. What people make to clothe, protect, and decorate themselves and their spaces, tells us about their cultures, eras, identities, families, and lives. This exhibition brings together a diverse array of contemporary textile artists who are weavers, sculptors, quiltmakers, and visionaries […]