Africa Fashion

Victoria and Albert Museum London, United Kingdom

Spanning iconic mid-20th century to contemporary creatives through photographs, textiles, music and the visual arts, Africa Fashion explores the vitality and global impact of a fashion scene as dynamic and […]

Rugged Beauty: Antique Carpets from Western Asia

Denver Art Museum Denver, CO, United States

The stories in Rugged Beauty showcase the living traditions of western Asia, a vast and culturally rich region of the world. Each of the more than forty objects on display […]

Textiles of Asia: Patterns and Processes

Cornell University: Kroch Library Asia Collections Ithaca, NY, United States

Explore the rich history of textiles in Asia--from the animal-skin clothing of the Ainu to the intricate weaving of silk, Asian cultures have showcased their artistry through their textiles for […]

Shaped by the Loom: Weaving Worlds in the American Southwest

Bard Graduate Center New York City, NY, United States

Explore the world of Navajo weaving in this exhibition where the voices of Indigenous artists and makers express the cultural legacy and continued vibrancy of weaving traditions in the American […]

Ikat: A World of Compelling Cloth

Seattle Art Museum Seattle, WA, United States

Enter the woven world of ikat, a complex textile pattern that knows no borders. Presenting over 100 textiles from the museum’s global collection and loans, Ikat: A World of Compelling Cloth is […]

What That Quilt Knows About Me

American Folk Art Museum NY, NY, United States

Featuring about 40 quilts and related works of art, the exhibition will explore the deeply personal and emotional power associated with the experience of making and living with quilts. Spanning […]

Katazome Today: Migrations of a Japanese Art

Whatcom Museum Bellingham, WA, United States

Katazome Today presents contemporary visions of a unique and historically significant Japanese textile-dyeing process. Traditionally used for kimono dyeing, katazome involves the application of a rice-paste resist using special stencil […]

Común Unidad

Textile Museum of Canada Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Two dominant forms of artistic production — the arpillera and lanigrafia — became vital to communicating the mass disappearances happening in Chile during the Pinochet dictatorship in the 1970’s with the outside world. Made by collectives of women out […]