Anni Albers: In Thread and On Paper

Blanton Museum of Art Austin, TX, United States

Anni Albers (1899–1994) is considered the most important textile artist of the 20th century. Known for her wall hangings, weavings, and designs, she was also an innovative educator and printmaker.  This exhibition highlights how nimbly Albers moved between mediums—including her shift from weaving to printmaking in the 1960s—and transitioned between making art and designing functional and […]

Threaded Visions: Contemporary Weavings from the Collection

Art Institute of Chicago Chicago, IL, United States

Weaving—it’s a familiar term, a millennia-old art form, and a technique used across the world. This exhibition of thirteen contemporary artists from five countries explores the beautiful diversity of the ancient and global practice of weaving, the act of making fabric by interlacing threads using a loom. Many of the textiles, created from 1983 to […]