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Welcome to ClothRoads



Travel with us on ClothRoads to a world of authentic textile culture. Here you’ll find collectible textiles, accessories, fabric, and fiber art materials from many corners of the globe, along with fascinating stories of indigenous artisans and ancient techniques used in traditional and modern ways.

From the rivers of India to the mountaintops of Peru, we go directly to the source to bring you these textile stories and the work of skilled artisans who are dyeing, weaving, spinning, printing and embroidering some of world’s most beautiful objects. When you purchase from ClothRoads, you help us to build and develop new markets that allow artisans and communities, and especially women and girls, to flourish.

The ClothRoads team (read more in about us) spent many exciting but deskbound years as members of the Interweave Press executive team. Now we explore new horizons through a business model that promotes cultural and creative sustainability in all we do. We’re thrilled to share our passion for beautiful textiles and global cultures with you.

Online, enjoy this web site and our e-commerce store full of unique and beautiful treasures; please contact us at info@clothroads.com for more information about any of our textiles for sale or our artisans.

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