Ajrakh Block Printed Cotton Scarf


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This block-printed, naturally-dyed wrap can be worn as a scarf or shawl.

Ajrakh is a form of traditional hand-block printing and resist dyeing using natural dyes and printed mordants. They are easily identifiable by their bold geometric repeats in combination of a central pattern field and border designs. Alignment of these symmetrical designs requires a masterful printer. These textiles are usually printed and dyed using natural madder red and black, with the fine white cotton cloth resisted on an indigo base.

The award-winning family of Khatri Abdul Jabbar Mohammad, tenth-generation block printers in Kachchh, Gujarat, India, preserves this most-complex tradition of textile products.

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red and brown




about 76" long X 21" wide; approx 1.5" fringe


hand wash in gentle soap, hang to dry


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