Alpaca Table Runner Accha Alta


Product Description

This table runner is handwoven with 100% natural alpaca yarn, and showcases a complex sequence of motifs from the Accha Alta community in the Peruvian highlands. This exquisite runner is framed by two side bands featuring the zig zag river pattern. The striking central band features a diamond pattern including flower and star motifs. The natural colors reflect the natural color of the Alpaca.

This handsome table runner is made on a backstrap loom with special emphasis on the traditional patterning from Accha Alta in the Peruvian Highlands of Cusco. Accha Alta textiles are characterized by thin sections of plain weave and wide ley (supplementary warp technique) designs.

The edges are cleanly finished with a decorative tubular braid, nawi awapa, meaning “eye border”.

This runner was woven by Pfoccohuanca Juarez Celia Sabina, an artisan member of the Center for Traditional Textiles in Cusco, Peru. The Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco (CTTC) is a Peruvian NGO with a mission to revive and preserve the cultural heritage of artisanal textiles. By educating people of these traditions through classes, exhibits, and trainings, CTTC also provides commercial opportunities. With this support, they help over 600 weavers from eleven villages with a sustainable income which in turn supports their families and villages.


Additional information


natural browns, tan, gray and black


100% alpaca


about 20" wide X 72" long


hand wash gently in cool water; dry flat


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