Arashi Natural Indigo Silk Pillow

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Indigo dyed textiles from Living Blue are dyed using the famous Bengal Natural “true” indigo, indigofera tinctoria. This silk pillow is dyed using the Japanese shibori (tie-dye) technique called arashi (pole wrapped). Look closely this pillow cover is finished with very fine hand stitching detail.

Arashi (storm) is the name given by the Japanese to resist-dye patterns created using an ingenious process of wrapping cloth around a pole, compressing it into folds, and dyeing it. Many of the resulting diagonal patterns suggest rain driven by a strong wind.

The back is dark indigo and there is no zipper.

Living Blue – best of Bangladesh; is a social enterprise in collaboration with CARE Bangladesh.


Additional information


indigo blue and white


100% silk


about 17" X 17"; no zipper


dry clean


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