Bagh Block Printed Silk Scarf with Floral Motifs


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Product Description

Bagh prints are characterized by geometrical patterns of floral motifs done on black, blue and red color grounds. Bagh printing is a traditional hand block print using natural dyes for color. Cotton, silk and bamboo cloth are treated in a traditional mixture of corrosion of iron, alum and flowers. Bagh block print artisans are highly skilled craftsmen.

Bagh is a small tribal town in the Dhar Dist. Of Madhya Pradesh, India. The Khatri community of the traditional block printers migrated to Bagh because of the high copper content in the waters of the Bagh river that increase the depth of color.

Mohammad Bilal Khatri from Bagh, Madhya Pradesh, India is a third-generation indian master in the traditional craft of Bagh printing. His textiles feature black-and-red geometric and floral compositions. The patterns on his printing blocks are based on designs found in Bagh caves. Mohammad received an International UNESCO Award in 2016.


Additional information


natural, red and black




about 22" wide X 72" long


dry clean only


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