Bedouin “Hemi” Embroidered and Beaded Bag

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Shapely and adorned, this little bag will find its way into your hand, pocket or bag often.

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These beautiful little hemispherical shaped bags from Sinai, Egypt will tempt you to find a multitude of uses for them, so that you’ll always have one nearby.

Each lined bag has a zippered closure and it is embellished with embroidered, beaded motifs and a fine beaded trim around all the edges.

The motifs in these bags have been revived from the elder women of the local Bedouin tribe, preserving a cultural tradition that has almost become extinct with adoption of mass-produced goods from Asia.

FanSina, Arabic for “Art of the Sinai”, is located in the small village of St. Catherine in South Sinai, Egypt. Established in 2002, it is a social enterprise that offers a way for more than 400 women in a deeply conservative culture to contribute economically to their families’ needs. It is managed by a local Bedouin woman, Selema Gabaly.  Learn More


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6” wide at opening; 4 1/4” deep


diamond grid with purple flowers


Cotton with beads


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