Chinchero Cochineal Pillow Cover


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Product Description

Patterning inspired by the earth find their way into the bands of this Chinchero village pillow cover. The deep colors dominated by cochineal are achieved by natural dyes extracted from flowers, insects, barks and roots.

The fabric for the cover is made from a handspun blend of wool and alpaca which is hand woven on a backstrap loom. The edges are embellished with ñawi awapa braid. The pillow backs are plain gray commercial fabric with zippered closures. Insert not included.

The designs are based on the weaver who made it, but always influenced by traditional patterns. This is woven by Delia Sallo Huaman, a member of the Chinchero Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco cooperative in the Peruvian Highlands.

Size: 18 x 20


Additional information


Cochineal with green, hints of rust, purple and blue (all natural dyes)


90 wool, 10% alpaca


18" x 20"


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