Chinchero Table Runner


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Product Description

This intricately woven Peruvian table runner with a masterful striped center featuring gold and rust also includes two matching bands of traditional motifs from Chinchero.

The yarn is tightly twisted wool and alpaca and is naturally dyed from local plants, flowers, barks, bugs, and roots. The backstrap weaving technique produces a double-faced fabric in which the pattern is the same on both sides, but the colors are opposite. Patterns are produced by picking up the warp threads from the bottom layer to create a motif, at the same time dropping their corresponding warp threads from the top so that the motif appears on the opposite side.

The edges are cleanly finished with a decorative tubular braid, nawi awapa, meaning “eye border”. No two are alike as each weaver’s creativity is translated into their work. Machine wash, line dry.

This table runner was handwoven by Simeona Auccacusi Quispe a member of the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco cooperative weaving village of Chinchero, located in the Peruvian highlands of Cusco.

Colors: gold, rust, forest, with accents of rose, cochineal, berry, indigo
Fiber: 90% wool, 10% alpaca
Size: 18″ W x 104″ L


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