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Guatemalan Charcoal Corte Lumbar Pillow

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Product Description

Restyled from a Guatemalan skirt (corte), this fabric has been given a second life.  The corte fabric is handwoven on a foot loom, usually by men, and one or more pieces of cloth are sewn together to form a tubular shape. The opening at the waist  is hand-folded or pleated to provide the proper fit, and the corte is secured with a sash.  Jaspé corte fabric has a pattern produced by ikat dyeing the warp and sometimes the weft prior to weaving. The patterns are varied and are usually characteristic of a village or region.

These ClothRoads Exclusive pillow covers have been made with a dark charcoal and natural cotton,  jaspé corte fabric. The patterns of the pillows may vary somewhat depending on the part of corte from which they have been cut. The button closure at one end uses 3 1-2″ diameter bone buttons from Nepal.


Additional information


14 1/2" tall x 24" long to closure;


100% cotton


charcoal with natural white patterning


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