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Textiles are truly the cultural wealth of Guatemala, and the pieces featured here in full color express the joy and tears of generations of Mayan people. Each piece is expertly described by noted researcher and collector Raymond Senuk adding perspective and value to the recent weavings coming out of Guatemala’s villages. Vignettes about the weavers, their backstrap looms, textile markets, and their craft illuminate the human experience behind the work.  All of the textiles were collected and curated by Mary Anne Wise and featured in a Trunk Show in Denver, Colorado in 2009.

Through the cloth they make by hand the symbolism and colorways of Guatemala’s indigenous dress, household fabrics, and ceremonial textiles are interwoven with culture and history displaying a fascinating panorama of the Mayan people and the natural world they inhabit.

Friendship Bridge a quiet but powerful force in the economic development of Guatemala by providing microloans to over 18,000 Guatemalans, many of them are weavers.  All proceeds from this book benefit Friendship Bridge’s efforts in Guatemala.

Deborah Chandler teaches, is the author of the bestselling Learning to Weave, and Executive Director of Mayan Hands based in Guatemala City.

Raymond Senuk has been a collector and student of Guatemalan Mayan weaving for more than thirty years.  He has curated numerous exhibits at museums and private galleries, and has written catalogs and articles for journals and books.   He lives in Antigua, Guatemala, and St. Louis, Missouri.


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8" x 9", 64 pages, 150 color photographs

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