Handspun Cashgora Yarn: Medium Weight, Natural


This handspun cashgora yarn is a blend of cashmere and angora.

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This handspun cashgora yarn is a blend of cashmere and angora. It’s soft, warm, and downright cuddly. A few skeins of the medium weight and your making skills would produce a unique scarf or shawl.

The yarn originates in the Pamir mountains in northern Tajikistan, at the edge of the Himalayas. It’s here that the Pamiri villagers raise small flocks of goats for meat, milk and fiber. In spring, the goats no longer need their down and start shedding. Pamiri women comb their goats and sell the fiber to buyers. (One female goat gives close to one pound of down and a purebred cashgora buck as much as two pounds.)

This luscious handspun cashgora was spun by Nodira, a member of the “Sogdiana” spinners from northern Tajikistan. She is very happy that she learned how to make export grade yarn. Now she has her own money and soon she will be moving into her own house and has money to buy dishes and support her family. Each skein is tagged with her name and photo so you know who spun your yarn.


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cashgora; combination of cashmere and angora goat


medium weight yarn; about 100 grams


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