Handwoven Natural Grass Runner Madagascar


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Marie Alexandrine Rasoantenaina combines traditional weaving techniques with modern aesthetics to create these table runners. This weaving, which is subtle and modern, would display well as wall art or make a lovely tabletop accent.

After much research and experimentation with getting dyes from leaves, bark, and stone, she can create nearly 40 bold colors from these natural resources.

Weaving and basketry is the foundation of her daily life and culture.  The core element of this art is the vetiver grass, which is grown and harvested by men and then woven by women. It has a natural sweet smell that artists carefully preserve.

Tahiana Création specializes in growing and using the ‘vetiver’ fiber, a natural grass with many applications.

Additional information


natural with blue warp


vetivert bunchgrass


about 15" wide X 62" long


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