Handwoven Peruvian Bag with Pom Poms


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A new riff on the coca bag, this handwoven Peruvian flat shoulder bag is oversized and features a trio of pom poms.  Sure to be an eye catching accessory for the bohemian spirit waiting to come out!

Chuspa: A Quechua word meaning purse or bag. Men and women have used chuspas in their different forms for more than 2000 years. Some highly decorated chuspas are used only for special occasions, as part of the dancers’ costumes during festivals. Others are simpler in style and are used primarily by men to carry coca leaves. Both men and women use a smaller chuspa to carry money.

This shoulder bag features two bands of traditional Peruvian motifs. The top is open and the edges are finished with Nawi Awapi (eye border).

This bag was woven by a member of the Pitumarca village and cooperative member of Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco, located in the Peruvian Highlands of Cusco.

CTTC works with Quechua women and their families to ensure that their 2000-year old textile traditions continue to thrive, and to aid in economic development.

Additional information


cochineal w/two design stripes


90% wool; 10% alpaca


about 8" wide X 9.25" high; strap is approx. 40"; three 2" tassels


hand wash cool water w/mild detergent; dry flat


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