Handwoven Peruvian Shoulder Bag Flat


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With its muted sage green background this simple medium sized shoulder bag is a handsome accent to any outfit. The two central decorative bands have traditional motifs from the Pitumarca area in the Peruvian highlands. The unlined bag is open at the top and it is embellished at the bottom with 3 evenly spaced tassels. The 1″-wide shoulder strap is designed with stripes and traditional motifs. The edges of the bag are finished with the traditional ñawi-awapa braid.

The artisans who weave these bags are members of the Cusco Center for Traditional Textiles (CTTC), an organization established in 1996 to aid in the survival of Peruvian Inca textiles and weaving traditions. Quechua-speaking men and women work with the center to develop their skills in community networking and marketing.

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red and green w/design stripes


90% wool 10% alpaca


about 9" wide X 11" tall w/three 1" tassels; approx 54" long strap


hand wash in cool water; dry flat


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