Handwoven Peruvian Tapestry


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This style of tapestry dates back to the late 15th and 16th centuries, the Spanish Colonial period in Peru. Weavers in Pitumarca revived it in the 1980s and began to make these decorative pieces. The motifs include animals, birds, plants, and other symbols that are combined in a narrative design. This Tree of Life design features birds and animals and most interesting people look closely.

Tapestry (tapiz) is an ancient weaving technique practiced by many cultures; in Peru it dates back to pre-Incan times. It is a weft-faced weave woven in interlocking sections to create the pictorial motifs and patterns.

This fine example woven by Gregorio Ccana Rojo with all natural dyes. The Pitumarca weaving community is a member of the Center for Traditional Textiles in Cusco, Peru (CTTC), and is the only group carrying on this tradition.

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dark brown background w/red and green border; multicolor images of animals, birds and people; all natural dyes




about 18.5 wide X 23" tall


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