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Ikat Sarong: Indigo and Root

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This ikat sarong is a traditional garment worn by the women in Indonesia. Ikat comes from verk mengikat which means “to tie” or “to bind”, a dyeing technique that requires the binding of resist material around groups of cotton threads before they are dyed and woven. Each color must be resist tied, in pattern, before each dye bath to achieve the many colors and intricate designs.  Aldegonda Mude from the Lepo Lorun cooperative in Kajowar-Flores created this splendid sarong. The pattern is naturally-dyed using indigo paste and brown marinda root extract.  The sarong is made of four fabric lengths: 31 1/2″, 13″, 12 1/2″, and 31 3/4″. Take it apart and use it as cloth or open it up and mount it as a wall display.




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49" circumference; 88 3/4" total length




indigo paste and brown morinda root

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