Laos Cotton Fabric: Striped Muted Olive

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This fine-cotton fabric from Laos is handwoven and naturally dyed. It is a slightly translucent plain weave consisting of 6/8″-wide olive-green stripes separated by 1/8″-wide white  stripes with narrow brown borders. The very fine warp is chiefly white cotton, except for the brown stripes which are dyed with kheng (Dialium cochinchinensis) and mordanted with ash.  The slightly heavier cotton weft is dyed with houkouang (Terminalia catappa) to produce olive green. The light-weight fabric has a good drape and is suitable for interior decor projects as well as for clothing such as shirts and tunics.

Hand-wash the fabric in cold water and air dry. The fabric is sold by the yard.

Opened in 1992 by Director Rassanikone Nanong, Nikone Handicraft Centre is regenerating traditional Lao weaving and dyeing to produce textiles for modern interiors. More than 100 skilled weavers from villages in Vientiane create 100% handwoven naturally-dyed Lao silk and cotton fabrics, plus gift items, fashion accessories and home decor accessories.


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38" wide; sold by the yard


100% cotton


olive with white stripes

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