Mashru Embroidered Textile Pieces


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Product Description

These textile pieces are from Gujurat, India.

The blocks are from a garment worn by Muslim males. Mashru means ‘permitted’ in Arabic. According to one of the hadiths, an orthodox Muslim male is not permitted to wear silk next to the skin. Mahru, however, has a cotton weft, so the fabric is worn with the silk-warped n=face out, the cotton lies next to the skin and the fabric is permissible.

These blocks of Mashru weaving feature extraordinary handmade chain stitch embroidery.

Each set features 3 pieces of the embroidered mashru. Great blocks for embellishing clothes, accessories or home decor items. Or just to have.

Additional information


rose silk w/ multi color embroidery


silk and cotton


about 7" X 7"; pieces vary a little; some may be a bit larger than 7" X 7"


dry clean only


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