Peruvian Alpaca Shawl


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Product Description

This exquisitely woven 100% Alpaca shawl features natural alpaca.  This shawl features meticulously embroidered geometric bands. This technique is unique to the village of Sallac, and the finished result looks as though it was produced by a supplementary weft weaving technique. These horizontal embroidered patterns of alpaca wool join naturally colored horizontal bands. Motifs can be combined in endless ways to create one-of-a-kind textiles. Each motif has its own meaning.  Tubular edgings protect the textile from physical wear,  they also are said to protect the textile spiritually. Most tubular edgings come in some variation of an eye pattern and many weavers explain that these borders watch over or protect the textile from befalling future harm. Sophisticated with beautiful drape and finished wit a 5″ twisted fringe this shawl showcases all aspects of the exquisite weaving from Sallac.

The shawl was woven by artisan Julia Inquillay Duran from Santa Cruz de Sallac, a highland village member of the Cusco Center for Traditional Textiles (CTTC). CTTC works with Quechuan-speaking artisans to help preserve Inca textiles and weaving traditions as well as to build skills, community networking, and to develop markets for the goods.

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100% Alpaca


Natural Alpaca


78" x 20" w 5" twisted fringe


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