Peruvian Handknit Bobble Hats for Adults


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Product Description

These Peruvian hats, or ch’ullo, are masterful handknits from the village members of  The Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco (CTTC) in Peru. The hats are made of fine-gauge, naturally-dyed alpaca with exquisite designs composed of knitted bobbles. They are knit in-the-round using needles made of wire or bicycle spokes, either double-pointed or with one end of each needle having a small hook to catch the yarn. The yarn passes around the knitter’s neck to maintain even tension. In Accha Alta both men and women knit hats.

Although they are very similar in design, no two hats are identical. They are multi-colored and the basic design consists of bands of diamonds. There are two different tassel treatments: the tassel is either attached directly to the top of the hat or there is a braid that extends from the top and ends in three smaller tassels.

While the hats most frequently are worn by men and boys in Peru, these hats look great on everyone.  To determine size: Measure the  head circumference. If you’d like a little more room, order the next circumference up.

Additional information


19" circumference, 20" circumference, 21" circumference, 22" circumference, 23" circumference, 24" circumference


100% alpaca wool




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