Peruvian Manta Huacatinco


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Imagine this finely woven Peruvian manta (a traditional shawl folded) draped over your couch or as a statement cloth for your table or wall. It will add warmth and beauty to your home, no matter how you use it.

This intricate cloth is handwoven on a backstrap loom and then joined to make a square cloth. The join is hidden by embroidery, and the four edges of the cloth are finished with the traditional tubular braid trim. The stripe patterns are woven with different motifs running vertically—all traditional to the village of Accha Alta. The wool and alpaca yarn is naturally dyed from local plants, flowers, barks, bugs, and roots; the background coloring is indigo blue.

This manta is woven by Paula Mamani Condori. She is a member of the Accha Alta village cooperative, part of the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco, located in the Peruvian highlands.


from Huacatinco –  Segonchina Fuentes Huayllani – hard to read?

Additional information


dark red with pattern stripes


90% wool; 10% alpaca


about 26" X 24"


hand wash gently in cool water w/mild detergent or dry clean


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