Peruvian Spindle Bag Mahuaypampa


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Product Description

There’s a distinct look to the weaving of Mahuaypama. Their designs are normally small and narrow; weavers will often place multiple designs next to each other. The principal design of Mahuaypampa is mayu qenqo, which is said to represent the Milky Way. Each one reflects the imagination, mood, and life experiences of its weavers, from the color choices and stripe sequences to motif selection – never two exactly alike.

The dark purple and gold w/red/blue/green accents in this bag, both from plant dyes and natural fibers, are typical of Mahuaypampa, as is the prominent use of their traditional motifs. Use the bag for containing your spinning, knitting, or even an e-reader.

This bag was woven by a member of the Mahuaypampa village and cooperative member of Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco, located in the Peruvian Highlands of Cusco.

Additional information


dark purple and gold w/red/blue/green accents




about 8" wide X 12" tall; bottom gusset approx 3" X 5"; long shoulder strap about 44" long


hand wash cool water; dry flat


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