Picb’il Brocade Guatemalan Scarf


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This cotton shawl, woven by the Ixbalam Ke cooperative in Guatemala, is an intricate spaced plain weave with an inlay pattern called picb’il—a type of brocaded design. The inlay is done with a needle-like bone or fine wood pick-up stick that is called picbil, thus the same of the cloth.  All weaving is done on a backstrap loom. This ancient Mayan weaving style was rapidly disappearing. Now, the women weavers who live in the community of Samac de Cobán in Alta Verapaz have dedicated themselves to preserving this traditional textile. The natural brown cotton inlay figures are inspired by their natural surroundings.

Made entirely with a 20/1 single-play non-mercerized cotton the more this shawl is handwashed, the softer it becomes. Truly an heirloom textile. Learn more about Ixbalam Ke.


Additional information


white w/brown cotton designs




about 20" wide X 72" long; approx 2" fringe


dry clean or hand wash gently in cool water w/mild detergent; dry flat


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