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Pitumarca Scaffold Manta Cloth


This large scaffold manta (cloth) from the Peruvian Highland village of Puitumarca  is finely woven by master weaver Juliana Huamán de Huamán.

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Product Description

Nowhere else but in the village of Pitumarca in the Peruvian Highlands do artisans continue the ancient technique of weaving known as scaffold or discontinuous warp (ticlla or kuchu). This large manta (cloth) is finely woven by master weaver Juliana Huamán de Huamán.

Woven on a backstrap loom of naturally-dyed, handspun alpaca and wool yarns, the warp threads change colors along their length; there is no seam in the center. (The color changing occurs during the warping process.) This intricate, warp-faced patterning of flowers and mountains changes midway through the weaving–the artisan weaving from one direction, turning the loom, and weaving from the other.

Juliana Huamán de Huamán from Pitumarca, is a member of the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco (CTTC). To learn more about CTTC, visit here.

Additional information


blue/rust/multicolor scaffold weave


90% wool 10% alpaca


about 18" X 21"


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