Poncho from the Santa Cruz de Sallac Community


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Product Description

This exquisitely woven, naturally dyed alpaca and wool poncho, from the weaving community of Santa Cruz de Sallac, Peru, features two 2 ½” colorful stripes using watay (ikat) and two meticulously embroidered 2 ¼” bands in geometric patterns.

The Sallac weaving community is renowned for their revival and use of ikat which in Quechua is called watay, or ‘to tie.’ In this technique weavers tie knots in their warp and then dye it. The dye cannot penetrate the knots, so these sections of the warp remain undyed. The embroidery technique is used in many Sallac textiles, and is done after the item is woven. This portable work can be done while women are in the fields or tending to their animals.

 This poncho was backstrap woven by Timotea Turpo Durand, a member of Sallac weaving association and cooperative member of Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco.

Fiber: 50% wool, 50% alpaca
Size: 51” W x 72” L; 16” neck slit; 2 1/2” attached woven fringe


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