Purple Silk Bandhani Scarf


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This magical scarf is designed and naturally dyed by Abdul Jabbar Khatri of Bhuj, Gujarat, using the traditional bandhani (tie-and-dye) technique.

After he designs the intricate stamped patterns, women artisans tie small, continuous knots following the stamped designs. These knots protect the fabric from being colored during the dye process. Once the scarf is dyed and dried, the knotting is removed simply by pulling on both ends of the cloth.

Sidr Craft is an enterprise that generates income for more than 300 women in the interior and out-lying villages of Kutch. They are creating contemporary textiles with traditional designs and innovating to create new designs in bandhani. They are also incorporating ideas of sustainability and ecological awareness in their enterprise, especially in their use of natural dyes.

Abduljabbar and his brother were awarded the 2017 Living Traditions Award from the Alliance for Folk Art. The award recognizes artisans The Living Tradition Award honors artists who are extraordinary examples of IFAA’s mission by contributing to the preservation of culture through reviving and strengthening a traditional folk art with a strategy for passing it on to future generations.

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about 12" wide X 50" long


dry clean only


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