Royal Vine Metallic-Embellished Cotton Scarf

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Metallic threads are used to create striking woven floral border stripes and edging patterns for these sheer, light-weight scarves. They are finished with twisted fringe. They wear very well as scarves, but are wide enough to stand in as shawls if the evening turns cool.

Focusing on handweaving, Indigo Handlooms helps create jobs in rural areas of India where energy for manufacture is lacking or unreliable. With a good market, an average weaver can support an average of eight family members. In addition to preserving fine textile skills and traditions, handweaving has a very low-carbon footprint. This is important in a country where heavy pollution from coal fuel is often the cost of progress.

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cotton with metallic thread embellishment


about 67 1/2" long x 13 1/2" wide; 2" fringe


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