Shipibo Cloth: The Maze


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Complex linear fractal patterns are distinctive to the Shipibo women who design and make these colorful embroideries.

Cotton fabric forms the base cloth. The surface is richly embroidered with running stitch, cross stitch, and chain stitch. The painted motifs are outlined in various colors, this piece uses a white chainstitch to emphasize its main pattern. This piece has a 3 color frame in red, blue, and green. Each square is a unique imaginative handstitched design and takes weeks to make depending on the size.  The edges of this piece are turned under and stitched down.

“There is an intriguing tie between the visual and aural in Shipibo art:  “the Shipibo can listen to a song or chant by looking at the designs, and inversely paint a pattern by listening to a song…” Howard G. Charing

Use these squares to cover pillows, insert into a jacket back, or mount on fabric for display.

about 16″ X 13″

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dark brown cloth w/white, pink, yellow, purple, red, green stitching




about 16" X 13"


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