T’nalak Abaca Ikat Table or Wall Accent

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Product Description

Ikat and naturally dyed abaca are a winning combination in this handwoven table or wall accent from the T’boi women artisans in south Cotabato, Philippines.

T’nalak is cloth made from natural fibers called abaca, or Manilla hemp. This cloth has been used as bride-price, and a woman’s worth in the community has been measured by the quality of her T’nalak.

This warp-faced runner has an ikat dyed pattern of symbols which represent the natural environment. The abaca fibers are stripped, ikat and naturally-dyed, and woven by hand on a backstrap loom. Each piece of T’nalak is a personal journey and a testament to the weaver’s creative artistry. Only half of the runner is shown here. The pattern continues through the length of the cloth.

The CustomMade Crafts Center (CMCC) is the design and marketing arm of the Non-Timber Forest Products Exchange Programme in the Philippines. It is a network of non-profits and peoples’ organizations established to address the emerging needs of forest dependent communities and to promote sustainable forest management. Read more here. 

Additional information


dark brown, red, beige


abaca (Manilla hemp)


about 14" wide X 88" long; approx 2" fringe


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