Toddler Felt Animal Booties


These booties whether on the feet or on display as part of the child’s menagerie of critters are whimsical and fun!


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Product Description

These sweet booties also known as zooties are for kids 1-2 years old. Each pair of booties is finished with rubber soles and velcro straps across the ankle. Guaranteed to warm your child’s feet and your heart! Lions, Gators and Hedgehogs oh my!

The booties are made by hand from start to finish. Locally sourced sheep wool is dyed and felted, then cut and stitched to form charming animals. There is a little variation from one pair to the next in finished size and stitching, but they are all well crafted. Zooties come in a cute gift box with a see-through window.

Kork Fiber Art (Kyrgyzstan) is a women-led, women-run cooperative in Kyrgyzstan. In addition to providing a stable salary and a place of employment, Kork is a center for sharing and exchange. It is one of but a few places where women can gather, discuss, and enjoy being in an all-female space. Kork employs up to 80 women during peak season.

Additional information


wool w/rubber soles


about 3" high at the ankle; approx 5.5" length from heel to toe; 2.25" wide across ball of foot


Lion, Gator, Hedgehog


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