Traditions Live Las Tradiciones Viven


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Thirty kids, two cameras, failing batteries and endless energy is the general recipe behind the contents of this book which is the proud production of 200 young weavers from the region of Cusco, Peru.  The young weavers quite literally ran off into their communities with an adult coordinator in hot and breathless pursuit at 11,000 plus feet of altitude. Their mission to document what they felt was most important about their homes and traditions to share with the larger world.

What did they shoot after a bunch of selfies? The kids set a fast pace. The school first! No the cave paintings. As they worked, the children honed their vision. They learned about the frustrations of overly bright sunlight at high altitude. They learned how to interact with subjects and how to achieve the shot they wanted. They also learned about their traditions.

It is one thing to live your traditions every day. It is quite another thing to analyze them and present them to an outside audience.

What a ride. A traced journey of the collective memory of the entire village. You will be mesmerized by these images.

My Weaving Companions (by village)

Our Clothes

Our Crops

Our Animals

Celebrations and Festivals

Text is in Spanish and Quechua as written by the young weavers. Translation into English is in the appendix including captions to the photographs.

Sara Lyons is the Education Department Coordinator for the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco, where she has coordinated events, activities, and classes for the Young Weavers Groups since 2014. Special thanks to her for writing the introduction and coordinating production of this project.

8 1/2 square, 88 pages. 128 color photographs, $16.95 US.


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