Uzbekistan Silk Ikat Scarf


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Product Description

Moire patterned silk colors and repeating patterns make this ikat-dyed scarf a conversation piece, whether you wear it or use it as an item of interior decor.  Each bold motif stripe runs the length of the scarf in shades of grey blue moire patterned silk; with light blue and dark red. The ends are finished with knotted fringe. The scarf has a crisp finish and a good drape.

This handsome silk ikat scarf was handwoven by an Uzbekistan master artisan following traditional techniques of the masters before him.

Ikat is a Malay-Indonesian term for cloth which is patterned by first tying the warp threads in a specific design and then dyeing them before weaving.

In Uzbek, its name abrband means “to tie a cloud”.

Accomplished ikat master and expert dyer, Rasuljon Mirzaahmedov creates stunning pieces of silk cloth and other products fashioned from his ikat silk. Based in Margilan, Uzbekistan, he learned his artisan skills from his father whose efforts revived this fabric in the 1990s. Rasuljon serves as director of the artisan and training center and oversees the designing, tying, dyeing and weaving of the ikat textiles; his wife manages the dyeing and his son is now taking on the ikat development as well.


“The clarity, saturation and depth of color in classical ikats are their greatest artistic strengths. The eye is teased, tickled by the sophistication of the composition and the elegance of the forms. Viewers may become lost in an ikat’s intertwining motifs, but it is color that truly entrances them.”—Kate Fitz Gibbon: Steppe Guide: Ikat

moire patterned silk with ikat design

Additional information


grey blue moire patterned silk; w/light blue and dark red ikat design


100% silk


about 12" wide X 85"; approx 1" fringe


dry clean


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