Wuwa Basket: Geometric Motifs


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Product Description

Among the many different types of baskets that the Kanwasami basket cooperative make, this hourglass shape is a smaller version of the wuwa, a tall burden basket made from the aerial roots of the hemi-epiphyte.

The Ye’kwana indigenous community inhabits southern Venezuela and parts of Brazil. Basketry is an intricate part of their daily life and is among the finest functional art in the world. Designs vary by maker and convey a complex geometry. Some designs represent sacred animals such as ocelets, anacondas, peccaries, and frogs that figure prominently in their myths. The colors are created from natural dyes derived from local vegetation.

The cooperative is comprised of sixty-five weavers who make all the baskets by hand. This basket was woven by artisan Estafani Garcia.

Learn More about the woven baskets of the Ye’kwana of Venezuela.

Additional information


natural, brown and brick red


manñato plant


about 9.5" circumference at the top; approx. 10.5" tall; base is about 6"


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