Yoga Mat Strap: Stars

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A yoga mat strap like none other—handspun and handwoven.

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A yoga mat strap like none other—handspun and handwoven.

The weavers of the Club de Artesanas in Bolivia  use their traditional patterns in creating this striking design. The yarn is handspun from locally-raised sheep’s wool, dyed with Andean plants and cochineal. The straps are designed with Velcro closures to fit thin or thick mats; this one fits a 1/8” thick mat. The carry strap is a perfect length to sling on your shoulder and head off to yoga practice.

The weavers of this area of Bolivia are actively working to rescue natural dye techniques and preserve their weaving heritage. They are supported in this effort by PAZA (Project Artesania Zona Andina), a volunteer effort led by Dorinda Dutcher and local leader, Dona Maxima Cortes. Their goal is to empower weavers by helping them gain financial stability through the sale of their crafts.


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burgundy, gold and green band w/center design




about 40" long X 2" wide w/two end straps 17" long; fits a 1/8" thick yoga mat


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