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Natural Dyes Information

Suppliers of Natural Dyes and Information

Aurora Silk                  http://www.aurorasilk.com/                503.286.4149
Sells kits, dyes, dye extracts and mordants

Botanical Colors         http://botanicalcolors.com/
Many how-to articles and recipes; sells natural dyes and dyeing supplies

Dharma Trading          http://www.dharmatrading.com/dyes/natural-dyes-from-plants-and-insects.html                (800) 542-5227
Sells natural dyes from plants and insects and related supplies

Earth Guild                 http://www.earthguild.com/products/riff/rnatdye.htm           800.327.8448
General Instructions for dyeing with wool; natural dyes color chart; sells natural dyestuffs, mordants, accessories, starter sets, and books

Earthues Natural Dye Company        http://earthues.com
Sells natural dye kits, raw materials, extracts, mordants and assists, and books info@earthues.com

Hillcreek Fiber Studio
Sells natural dyes, dyeing agents, mordants and dye assists, natural dye extracts, and dye kits; resources for madder root on cotton and wool, and dyeing with pokeberry, include a recipe; offers dyeing workshops
CarolLeigh@HillcreekFiberStudio.com          Carol Leigh Brack-Kaiser

Long Ridge Natural Dyes       https://longridgefarm.com/    Nancy Zeller
Selling natural dyes since 2005. Sells natural dyes, mordants, fibers, threads, and more.

Maiwa                         http://www.maiwa.com/home/supply/index.html      604.669.3939
14-page pdf eBook defining several natural dyes with instructions on how to use them; sells natural dyes, mordants, additives, resist, thickeners, fabric dyes; maiwa@maiwa.com

Paradise Fibers            http://www.paradisefibers.com/dye.html       888.320.7746
Sells natural dyes and supplies

Renaissance Dyeing (France)              www.renaissancedyeing.com/en/
Sells plant-dyed yarn and threads, dye extracts and kits       Andie Luijk

Table Rock Llamas Fiber Art Studio  http://tablerockllamas.com/table-rock-llamas/ 866.495.7747
Sells natural dyes, mordants and assists, instructions

Wild Colours               www.wildcolours.co.uk/
Extensive resource and information list on all aspects of dyeing; sells dye plant seeds, natural dyes, mordants, dye extracts, and books; wide variety of lectures available to book: www.teresinharoberts.co.uk/
info@wildcolours.co.uk          Teresinha Roberts

The Woolery   http://www.woolery.com/store/pc/Dyeing-c17.htm  800.441.9665
Sells natural dyes, mordants, and dye assists

General Information

Asian Textile Studies           www.asiantextilestudies.com
Website aimed at people with a serious interest in traditional hand-woven textiles (fibers, natural dyes, techniques, and origins and history) from Asia, especially those from Eastern Indonesia. Written by David and Sue Richardson.

Hand/Eye Magazine: World Craft Culture     http://handeyemagazine.com/category/terms/textile/natural-dyes
Extensive collection of in depth articles on natural dyes with a global cultural perspective

Home Dyeing with Natural Dyes by Margaret S. Furry and Bess M. Viemont
Scan of original 1935 book, downloadable pdf via the University of Arizona Online Digital Archive

Indigo Island Indigo                www.seaislandindigo.net/
Extensive information on the history of growing indigo and natural dyeing in the United States; sells indigo; offers indigo dyeing workshops.
indigogrower@gmail.com        Donna Hardy

Modern Farmer           http://modernfarmer.com/2013/10/natural-dyes/
General information about natural dyes

Paula Burch’s All about Hand Dyeing           www.pburch.net/dyeing/naturaldyes.shtml
General information and instructions for dyeing with a variety of dyes and materials

Pioneer Thinking         http://pioneerthinking.com/crafts/natural-dyes
General Information about dyes and fixatives; List of Plant Materials for Dyes

Practical Action, Schumacter Centre for Technology and Development
Detailed information and how-to on all aspects of natural dyes and dyeing technique: downloadable pdf

Prairie Fibers   Surface Design           http://www.prairiefibers.com/Dyeing%20Notes.htm
Extensive natural dyeing notes, how-to, techniques, dye plant color list, and glossary

Threads of Peru          http://threadsofperu.com/natural-dyes/
Descriptions and photographs of natural dyes materials used in traditional Peruvian textiles

Turkey Red Journal    www.turkeyredjournal.com
A newsletter “devoted to education and the furtherance of the use of natural dyes”

US Forest Service       http://www.fs.fed.us/wildflowers/ethnobotany/dyes.shtml
Detailed information about native plant dyes; mordant chart; chart of commonly used plants by Native Americans with photographs and full descriptions; chart of common plants used for dyes and resulting colors

Classes and Workshops

John C. Campbell Folk School           www.folkschool.org/
Workshops in natural dyeing

Lillstreet Art Center   http://lillstreet.com/;   http://lillstreet.com/blog/textiles/
Offers dyeing workshops, including shibori, and open studio space

John Marshall        http://www.johnmarshall.to/
Specialist in Japanese katazome and tsutsugaki, as well as indigo dyeing. Offers classes, workshops, trunk shows, supplies, and dvds.

Natural Dye Workshops        http://naturaldyeworkshop.com/ 510.527.3432
Natural dye workshops with Yoshiko Wada and Michel Garcia; sells natural dye DVDS;
yoshiko@yoshikowada.com; ndw@shibori.org         Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada

Ricketts Indigo         http://www.rickettsindigo.com/
Rowland and Chinami are indigo specialists offering classes and workshops, indigo seeds, textiles, and information about growing and dyeing with indigo.

Slow Fiber Studios      http://slowfiberstudios.com/natural-dye-workshops/
Natural dye workshops with Michel Garcia
ndw@shibori.org        Michel Garcia

Textile Arts Center, New York http://www.ssreg.com/textileartscenter/classes/
Natural dyeing, shibori classes

Permacouture Institute           www.permacouture.org/
“Hands-on grassroots projects to support sustainability and textiles.” Includes research in sustainable plant-based dyes. Seeds to Sew and Fiber and Dye Mapping projects: identifies and aids textile dye plants’ survival; Dinners to Dye For: dye workshops and local harvest dinners; Living and Dyeing project: offers workshops to schools and community garden teachers in textiles and natural dyes
info@permacouture.org; sasha@permacouture.org    Sasha Duerr

Wild Craft Studio School        http://wildcraftstudioschool.com/
Natural Dye Classes   info@wildcraftstudioschool.com


Folk Fibers                  http://www.folkfibers.com/blogs/news/tagged/natural Blog from Folk Fibers website; dyeing with onion skins, pomegranates, wild mushrooms, oranges; how-to and recipe

Free People                 http://blog.freepeople.com/2012/11/diy-natural-dyes-2/
Blog from the Free People Women’s Boho Clothing and Bohemian website; examples of which household fruits and vegetables create various colors

Naturally Dyeing        http://naturallydyeing.blogspot.com
Blog about personal experiences and discovery with natural dyes, some how-to

Maia Spins                  http://maiaspins.typepad.com/maiaspins/natural_dyes/
Blog about personal experiences dyeing yarn, primarily

Dyeing with Natural Dyes     www.riihivilla.blogspot.com/
Personal blog with extensive resources on natural dyeing with a broad spectrum of plants and natural fibers. Bilingual: Finnish and English

Wool–Tribulations of Handspinning and Herbal Dyeing      www.wooltribulations.blogspot.com
Personal blog with extensive resources on growing dyes and dyeing yarn.