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Many times, we are asked to recommend travel companies who specialize in textile tours. Some of the following are people we have traveled with and can personally recommend; others are recommended by those we trust. The list is limited to those who offer textile-specific trips and are focused specifically on cultural and/or traditional techniques, locations, or activities. Most of the companies only offer textile tours, but we added a couple of broader travel companies who have textile tours as one of their product offerings. If there is someone who you think should be included, please contact us so we can put them through our travel gauntlet. But with all travel, we are not liable in any way for your own personal experience.

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2WorldTours           http://www.2worldtours.com.au
+61 0405 209511
ngrudgfield@mtatravel.com.au             Narelle Grudgfield
Countries: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, India, Myanmar, Bali, Cook Islands, Bhutan
Specialty: embroidery, silk, weaving, ikat, natural dyes, batik, beading/jewelry

Andean Textile Arts           http://www.andeantextilearts.org
Country: Peruvian Highlands
Specialty: textiles, benefit tour for the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco

Art Workshops in Guatemala             http://www.artguat.org            612-825-0747
info@artguat.org                        Liza Fourré
Countries: Guatemala, USA
Specialty: backstrap weaving, ikat, Navajo weaving

Behind the Scenes Adventures            http://btsadventures.com            510-275-3662
info@btsadventures.com                         Cynthia LeCount, Daniel Joyce
Countries: Mexico, Senegal/Gambia, Peru/Bolivia, Ghana, Turkey
Specialty: food, weaving, batik, basketry, wood-block printing, carpets

Creative Arts Safaris            http://www.creative-arts-safaris.com          +91 [0] 998 203 2755
fiona@creative-arts-safaris.com             Fiona Wright
Countries: India, Ghana, Morocco, Vietnam, France
Specialty: embroidery, indigo, dyeing, block printing, cooking, weaving, batik, beading

Esprit Travel & Tours            http://www.esprittravel.com           800-377-7481
info@esprittravel.com                         Nancy Craft
Countries: Japan
Specialty: custom itineraries, indigo, basketry, ceramics, silk, woodblock printing, weaving, dyeing

Exclusive Journeys                        http://www.exclusivejourneys.com     917-721-8558
lesley@exclusivejourneys.com           Lesley Robin
Countries: India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Burma, Cambodia, Uzbekistan, South Africa & Swaziland.
Specialty: cultural, craft, textile traditions of embroidery, dyeing, weaving

From Lost to Found Travel         http://www.fromlosttofoundtravel.com     215-731-9553 info@fromlosttofoundtravel.com                  Allison Rulon-Miller
Countries: India, Sri Lanka
Specialty: weaving, silk, ikat, batik, leather, pottery, custom itineraries

Handcrafted Holidays  http://www.handcraftedholidays.com                  253-677-7375 or 253-476-3040
handcraftedholidays@yahoo.com                         Kathy Brassill
Countries: UK, Ireland
Specialty: quilting, knitting, crochet, weaving, basketry

Ingrid Wagner http://ingridwagner.com/world-journeys/weaving-morocco
+44 (0)778 637 6819           info@ingridwagner.com                         Ingrid Wagner
Countries: Morocco
Specialty: women-only, rug weaving, dyeing

Intentionally Different   http://intent.id.au/
+61 (0) 417 269 540    Robert.twofounders@gmail.com Robert Fletcher
Tour Escorts: Christine Pearson, Valerie Kirk, Kaz Madigan, Sue Buckle
Countries: Japan, Peru, Ecuador, India, Bhutan, Myanmar, Morocco, Laos and Thailand
Specialty: Handloom natural fabrics, carpets, embroidery, natural dyes, local traditional costumes and fabrics, jewelery, ceramics and other crafts plus culinary attractions

International Folk Art Alliance: Passport to Travel
Countries: Various
Specialty: focus on folk art but many including textiles

Loomdancer Weaving Odysseys            http://loomdancerodysseys.com        800-369-3033
loomdance@aol.com                          Cari-Ann Sample-Malver
Countries: USA, Peru, Mexico, Canada, Scotland, Africa
Specialty: cultural, Navajo weaving, backstrap weaving, natural dyeing, ravenstail weaving, Zapotec weaving

Mayan Hands               http://www.mayanhands.org/mayan-hands-tours            518-729-1900
weavingfutures2012@gmail.com            Deborah Chandler
Countries: Guatemala
Specialty: backstrap weaving

Nadine Sanders/Singing Weaver            http://www.singingweaver.com/travel.shtml
360-740-0914             nadine@singingweaver.com                         Nadine Sanders
Countries: Scotland
Specialty: weaving, tapestry, music

Noble Journeys                        http://www.noblejourneys.com            800-566-9228
joan@noblejourneys.com                        Joan Noble
Countries: Morocco, Thailand, Laos, Peru, Mongolia
Specialty: cultural, spinning, weaving, custom itineraries

Puchka Peru                        http://www.puchkaperu.com
info@puchkaperu.com            Maximo Laura, Sasha McInnes
Countries: Peru
Specialty: spinning, weaving, tapestry, knitting, embroidery, braiding

Saber Tours to Japan            http://www.saberdesigns.cc/Japan.html
saber@olympus.net                        Jerry and Carol Saber
Countries: Japan
Specialty: dyeing, shibori, silk, indigo

Sea Trek Bali: Tribal Weaving of the Lesser Sunda Islands
Expert Cruise led by David and Susan Richardson
Country: Indonesia
Specialty: cotton spinning, ikat and natural dyeing

Textile Arts Council: Travel Tours
2017 Tour “Of Rainbows and Dragons: Bhutan East to West and Northeast India”
Expert Guide Mary Connors email: khamsing88@yahoo.com
Country: Various
Specialty: textiles, weaving

Textile Journeys: Shetland 2017
Andy Ross  GlobalYell Ltd Shetland   01957 744 355
andy@globalyell.org or kirsty@globalyell.org.
Country: Scotland
Specialty: knitting, textile history, weaving

Textile Odyssey Tours            http://textileodyssey.com                        415-666-3636
textile_odyssey5@yahoo.com             Serena Lee
Countries: China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar
Specialty: acheik weaving, ikat, lacquerwork, basketry, wood carving, papermaking

Textile Society of America      http://textilesocietyofamerica.org/events       510-353-4541
Countries: Various
Specialty: all textile focused; open to members

Textile Trails    http://textiletrails.com.au/2016/12/09/2017-textile-tour-of-bhutan/
Wendy Garrity
Country: Bhutan
Note: 2017 Textile Tour of Bhutan Nov 23-Dec 9
Specialty: weaving

The Icelandic Knitter      http://icelandicknitter.com/en/knitting-tours            +354  661623
dagny@mountainguides.is             Helene Magnusson
Countries: Iceland
Specialty: knitting, sheep, dyeing, spinning, hiking

Threads of Bhutan        http://travelonq.com.au                             +612 9357 6800
carole@travelonq.come.au           Carole Grassby, Christina Sumner
Country: Bhutan
Specialty: traditional textiles, arts, history and culture, specially-designed itinerary, small group

Threads of India   http://classicsafaricompany.com.au                +612 9327 0666
ali@classicsafaricompany.com.au     Ali Anderson, Christina Sumner
Country: India
Specialty: handwoven, embroidered and printed textiles, arts, history and culture, specially-designed itineraries, small groups

Threads of Peru   https://threadsofperu.com
ariana@threadsofperu.com                   Ariana Svenson
Country: Peru
Specialty: cultural experiences and visits with artisans; hands on workshops in natural dyeing and weaving; small groups and family tours

Tia Stephanie Tours                          http://www.tiastephanietours.com            734-769-7839
info@tiastephanietours.com                         Stephanie Schneiderman
Countries: Mexico, Colombia
Specialty: backstrap weaving, weaving, natural dyeing, pottery

Traditions Mexico              http://www.traditionsmexico.com            011 52 (951) 571-3695
traditionsmexico@yahoo.com             Eric Mindling
Countries: Mexico
Specialty: dyeing, backstrap weaving, cotton spinning, silk

Victoria C. Frank, Inc
vfrank@vcfinc.com Victoria C. Frank
Countries: Belgium, British Columbia, Ireland, Paris, Portugal, USA
Specialty: luxury level tours focused on textile traditions such as, costume, lace, historical, museums

Wild Fibers Magazine            http://www.wildfibersmagazine.com            207-594-9455
editor@wildfibersmagazine.com            Linda Cortright
Countries: India
Specialty: cultural, cashmere, yaks, camels, spinning, weaving

Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada            http://www.yoshikowada.com            510-527-3432
info@yoshikowada.com                         Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada
Countries: Japan, India, Italy, France
Specialty: slow fiber, custom itineraries

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