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Jul 25

Treasuring the Santa Fe Folk Art Market

In the world of the best-of-the-best artisanal markets, none rises higher than the Santa Fe Folk Art Market. For me, no other place exists during the second weekend in July than here, with the global tribe of makers.  These magical three days are filled with festivities, food, music and a market of 190 artists from 60 countries, all taking place amidst three top-notch museums on “Museum Hill”. It takes thousands of volunteers with the collective biggest heart imaginable.

Being in the presence of the master basket makers, ceramicists, jewelers, metalworkers, painters, potters, textile artists, weavers, and wood carvers is beyond inspiring. Every one of these artisans is preserving their craft heritage. Many travel distances that seem inconceivable to us. Most don’t speak English; some have never left their village before.


It’s also a weekend of connecting with the artisans and cooperatives represented by ClothRoads: Nilda Callañaupa of CTTC from Peru, Veo and Jo from OckPopTok, Amina Yabis from Morroco, Amalia Gue from Ixbalam Ke (Amalia delivered a healthy baby boy while she was in Santa Fe!), Ramu Harijan, Jabbar Khatri, Kala Raksha and SEWA from India, Federation Sahalandy, and more. Plus we met some new artisans whose work we will have soon. We have more stories to share in the weeks ahead so travel along with us on the ClothRoads.


Many thanks to my Market companions, Elaine Lipson, Robert Medlock, George Murphy, and Linda Stark, for their photographic contributions. 

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